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The area west of Sooke has long been a playground for the residents of greater Victoria. Hiking, biking, horseback riding, wind surfing, and sail surfing are all here. This is Victoria's closest wilderness destination.

Unfortunately, this seemingly-boundless wilderness is under pressure. Existing parks and recreational areas are often at capacity. Trails and wilderness areas are being lost to public access by development. Rampant clear-cutting of forest is degrading important habitat and interrupting wildlife corridors. The sudden and unanticipated release of large parcels of Western Forest Products’ land from Tree Farm Licence 25 brought into focus the issues of changing land use and ownership.

As this continues, there will be continued erosion of the resource and recreational land base that provides so many benefits to southern Vancouver Island. The community must act now to minimize the degradation of habitat and the loss of all of the amazing trails and wildlife in our area.


The Juan de Fuca Community Land Trust was formed to purchase properties suitable for parkland and then donate the land to the regional parks system or to operate it ourselves for the benefit of the public and the wildlife of this region.


Our park acquisition program has the following goals:

  • Public access for hiking and horseback riding.
  • Educational programs for youths, foresters and habitat restoration.
  • Wilderness experiences for Scouting and Guiding organizations.
  • Wilderness stewardship and environmental studies programs for teens
  • Wilderness programs for at-risk youth.